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Massage Bussum is healing and beneficial

You are unique! That is why your body requires a tailor-made massage approach. Not a uniform Thai massage, but one in which the cause is traced and repaired in a customer-specific manner. The number of massages and the length of time required for this depends on the nature and extent of the complaint, your body, lifestyle, the available time that is taken into account and the extent to which you can surrender to the massage: you have to can take a punch. You will also receive tips and exercises to take home so that you can best maintain your body in the long term.

With a Bussum massage, where complaints are treated, you do not undergo the massage. For the right effect, work together with the masseuse or masseur. Breathing is primarily important. Do not hold your breath, but continue to breathe. Keeps the muscles relaxed; move along to directions. then the massage will have the most effect! During the Bussum massage, the neck is not cracked.

We also have a room for 2 people. If we have enough staff, you can come with your partner or just with anyone you want to undergo the massage together in a Thai atmosphere.

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