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If you contact us to make an appointment, we will agree on your complaint(s) together. We will then come up with a proposal on the optimal time needed for the massage. This depends on the nature and extent of the complaints and of course on your own capabilities. We will coordinate this together.


The following rates apply for individual massages:

The duration of a massage is at least 1 hour.



If your body needs a treatment plan of 5 to 10 massages, for example, you give your body a massage once a month, then an hourly rate is possible from a minimum of € 68.40 per hour.

Massage Bussum offers a boost card with 10 massages for the price of 9,

which can be purchased with the first massage.

We offer a discount of 5% for a card with 5 massages.

The card may be shared with your partner, child or other relationship.

The cards are valid for 1 year.

Prices in euros.

​We reserve the right to charge appointments that are missed without timely cancellation or canceled within 24 hours before the appointment from the last charge on the card, unless there is force majeure.

Also take that affordable booster card
Massage Bussum rates
So 1 massage for free!
Massage bussum strip card

Meer dan 1.800 mensen gingen je voor

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